Sony A7III – Best camera of 2022

The sony A7III, the best camera for 2022!

That might be a bit of a bold statement but it is the camera I would recommend people getting if they ask me which one to get! So hang in there and lets talk about why I think that the A7III is the “best” camera of 2022.

Photo of Sony camera

Sony A7III

By now the A7III is a few years old and there are multiple newer and better cameras, from Sony you have the A7IV for example. But I still think the 3 have its place in today’s lineup and lets talk what I like about it in 2022.

First of all is something I have talked about multiple times before and everytime I talk about the A7-series. And that is it’s formfactor. It is a mirrorless camera that weights in at only 600-700 grams. This makes it a super versatile camera. It’s really easy to bring with you. I personally like the edges and square looking body which I think gives it a modern and clean look. And the black and orange is really nice! Some people might find it a bit to small and therefore uncomfortable to shoot with. But I don’t.

Long exposure photo shot with the Sony A7III
Two long exposure photos stitched together.

Sony quality

I personally think the A7III still produce some really high quality footage. Of course there are better cameras out there but I think you can go a looong way with the A7III still. No its not high quality as in shooting cinema films and so on. But it is high Youtube quality and social media in general. So yes if you shoot with the A7III you can produce pretty much equally as high quality as everyone else online. If you know how to use it no one will know if you are using the III or IV. With the a A7III you have something that is going to give you the opportunity to join the higher quality gang. It has 4k video capabilities. and 1080 120 frames and the footage is beautiful.

And on top of all of that it also has really good auto-focus, Something that I personally like to use a lot. Especially for photo and video situations when it’s not possible to go with the manual focus. then I know I can trust the auto-focus.

It´s a very versatile camera overall that if you want to you could build a rig around it to make it more usable for video work and to make it look more like a cinema camera. Or if you want to go on a lighter setup it works fantastic as it is!

cinemarig on a sony A7III
Sony A7III cinemarig – Photo shot with Sony A7RIII


At its price I feel like the A7III is the most price worthy camera you can find. New its maybe around 2000$ give or take. But if you can find a used one and are comfortable with buying a used camera. Then you could probably find some at 1200$ or so. Make sure you buy it from someone you trust. But at that price you can get a camera that is so incredibly capable, is full frame, is really small and just a great camera overall.

So with all of that this is the camera I recommend to a lot of people and will continue to do so going in to 2022. I don’t think it is necessary to always upgrade to the latest of cameras just because. You should only do it if you need to. So for a new photographer/videographer in 2022 a used A7III is a great camera to start with because it is not that expensive. You get amazing quality and it will allow you to improve in your craft.

Is the Sony A7III for you?

But ofcourse it isn´t for everyone. If you really need the best camera that is available there are newer and better options for you. And unfortunately the A7III doesn’t have a flip LCD screen so that is a negative side. Another con is if you need better video quality. The A7III only has 8-bit and is capable with s-log2. While the newer versions have 10 bit with S-log3 giving them even better video capabilities.

So it all comes down to where you are in you photo and video journey. What are your needs and how much are you willing to spend. But I don’t think you should look at the A7III as a dead camera in 2022 because in my opinion it is still a great camera!

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Long exposure photo shot with a Sony A7III
Sony A7III – Tamron 17-28mm F2.8

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