Lightroom hacks all PROs use

Lightroom hacks all PROs use Lightroom hacks all PROs use

Lightroom hacks!

Let me show you three different tips, tricks and techniques inside of Lightroom classic that will help you take your images from good to great. These Lightroom hacks all PROs use will help your editing so much!

Hi my name is Martin, I’m a photographer, designer and content creator from Sweden. And I have been editing images in Lightroom pretty much on a weekly basis for the last 8-9 years. I have listed three techniques inside of Lightroom classic that all the professionals use!


If you want to take your editing to the next level you need to start using the masking tool inside of Lightroom. It is a really powerful tool. With masks you can apply changes to certain parts of the image without affecting others.

Its hard to explain it in more detail that that. So if you want to see more, check the video above out!

Show Clipping

Alright this one is super simple! Just press the “J” key on your keyboard when you are inside of Lightroom. This will activate clipping. Now if you would increase or decrease the brightness Lightroom will tell you if you start clipping the image by adding a red color to the image where it is getting clipped in the highlights. And in to an blue colour if you clip the darker parts of the image.

A super simple hack to help make sure you don’t cop your image. A clipped image can make your images look amateur made. And we don’t want that!

Create virtual copies

This one is really good if you are working with an image and want to try different settings on the same image. All you have to do is go down to the list of images at the bottom banner. Right click the image you want to duplicate and press “Create Vrirtual copy”. This will generate a copy of the image that you then can try another edit on.

This Lightroom hacks all PROs use is also super good if you want to make different crops on the same image. So if you first edit an image and then want to crop it in different formats for different plattforms. All you have to do then is do the edit first and then create a virtual copy. This will create a copy of your image with all the settings applied. You can now create a new crop and you have two different images with the same settings but different crops 🙂

Lightroom hacks all PROs use

These where 3 different Lightroom classic tips and tricks that I think you should start using if you want to take your images to the next level.

If you want to learn more, check this posts out!

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