Top 3 Photography locations in Gothenburg you can’t miss!

Top 3 photography locations in gothenburg
Photo taken of the Archipelago near Gothenburg


This is the city I call my home for the most part of the year and after living here for about two years I have started to find my favorite spots for photography. The list below contains my top 3 photography locations in Gothenburg. I have a lot more so if you are interested i might do a longer list in the future :).

1. Älvsborgsbron

What I love about Älvsborgsbron Is that it gives so many opportunities for different style of photos. All photos above are either shots of the bridge or they are photos I have shot when standing on the bridge.

If you are in Gothenburg you have to see the bridge and if it happens to be a sunset that day make sure you walk on top of the bridge where you get an amazing vantage point over the harbor with the sun setting over the ocean. It’s magical. Depending on what time of year you visit you can get different types of shots.

The biggest con of this location is that it is a highly trafficked bridge so it gets quite loud unfortunately.

2. Fiskebäck

fishing huts in Fiskebäck gothenburg

If you want archipelago feelings with beautiful small houses on the oceanfront without leaving the city then Fiskebäck is your place. This is a great place to if you just want to get a brake from the rush from the city. I highly recommend to visit during a warmer sunset and just enjoy sitting on the rocks and enjoy the view.

The Archipelago

Alright this might not count as Gothenburg but if you ever visit the city you have to take a trip north to the Archipelago in Bohuslän! It is definitely going to be worth it. Probably my favorite out of the top 3 photography locations in Gothenburg!

You just cant get enough of these views!

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