Cinematic LUTs for reels

What is “Cinematic LUTs for reels”?

This is a valid question. The word “LUT” stands for “Look up table” and in short it is sort of a preset for your videos. These LUTs are .CUBE files and can be used on any software that is compatible with 3dLuts. The files include colourdata and when you apply them to your footage they apply that colordata to the footage. You could say that it is a quick way to colorgrade your footage. You just apply the LUT, adjust some of the settings /if needed) and you are done!

These LUTs have saved me so much time when producing reels for both my own social media and my clients. With just a click of a button i get cinematic footage, it´s a lifesaver.

– Martin Wikestad

How do you use LUTs?

It almost feels like a joke how easy it is to use them. The process is seriously 5 seconds long and anyone on any level can do it. In the product of the MWLUTs is a 20 minute long course included on how to use them and what to think about when colorgrading footage. After watching that course you will have no problem on how to use them. If you use any other software than I do. Just give it a quick search on Google or YouTube and there will be countless of soulutions.

The Cinematic MWLUTs

I created these Cinematic reels to speed up my workflow when working with reels and short form content for both my personal use and for my clients. Let’s just say it was a f*cking great decision. I have saved so much time not needing to go through to whole colour process for every single video. These days when you need to be posting every single day this is priceless. The LUTs are made to work on all cameras and footages so to get the best result you might have to do some minor changes. Nothing i don’t go through in the video course included in the package.

Get the Cinematic LUTs for reels here!

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