A winter adventure: Photographing Idre

A winter adventure: Photographing Idre

If there is one thing I know for sure, Idre has some beautiful nature and especially during winter. A year ago I travelled to Idre to enjoy the winter, do some skiing and of course photographing Idre, all with my Sony A7Riii. Joined by my college Adam from Ampitmedia and a close friend we stayed in a small log cabin.

Being a commercial photographer that works a lot outdoors with the elements I can’t be other than extremely thankful when Mother Nature decided to show us her best side. It definitely isn’t every day you get conditions like these. When we saw the conditions we just had to take some time of from our vacation to shoot some photos.

After a long day in the ski slope we decided to take the XC skis out for a spin. And after a solid few kilometers we headed home again in the dark and once again I just had to capture the moment.

These trips where I’m out with my friends are my favorite and now that I sit here a year later and I have these memories saved I can’t do anything other than smile. Having these memories could probably be one of the best parts about photography.

Photographing Idre


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